Sustainable Future

Today, sustainability is standing in front of us as a model by not only taking environmental balance and economic growth together but also ensuring efficient use of natural resources, raising the importance of environmental quality and meeting the urgent needs of future generations without endangering their own needs. HC Organize Textile we are being inspired by protecting and maintaining these resources which are the basis of our existence and business. By incorporating our sustainability vision into our corporate culture, we take steps for a better world to live in and achieve global goals altogether with our employees. Thus, we established the Sustainability Department in 2014 in order to establish corporate infrastructure and principles related to sustainability. This department, which takes the leadership in the efficient use of resources within the company, ensures the continuity of all certifications and audit processes as well as ensuring the corporate culture.
HC Organize Textile

HC Organize Textile manufactures huge variety of apparel products in its facility of 8000 m2; which has 7600 m2 closed facility. HC Organize has approximately 240 employees. The daily production capacity is 6000 pcs ready-to-wear products. HC Organize is able to do cutting, sewing, ironing , packaging and QC in its plant. The factory has aimed to be one of the leading companies in Turkey with its current and future investments. Always in your life…


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