Lean Product

Having and combining strong IT abilities, innovative and trend-setting development possibilities, Lean and Just in Time Production facilities and the rich infrastructure on supply chain with experienced team members, our company can realize lowest MOQs, with promising lead times and constant high-quality levels. By these State of the Art features, the never-out-of-stock products can be produced even by one size or by one color and reputable increase on the service level to customers.
Fast and Flexible

Fast and Flexible

Short Lead times (6-8 weeks)

Small and fast sewing cells of 8 to 12 people

Low production quantities

Short cycle time from cutting to shipping

Reliable and flexible planning for all stages of production

High tech machinery set-up for ‘’Next to skin’’ product range

High tech machinery set-up for ‘’Next to skin’’ product rangee

Fine gauge and highly elastic fabrics

Automated machines for consistent quality

Special Attachments for fine fabrics

Suction Units for clean and healthy production

Secure Stitches for durable stitches on the product

Excellent supply chain management with qualified suppliers

Excellent supply chain management with qualified suppliers

Premium fabric and accessories

Full size range body size knitting set up

Large range of circular knitted fabrics

Nano-tech applications

Experience in all kinds of fibers (natural, regenerated, man-made)

Store Based Pick & Pack service

Store Based Pick & Pack service

Shop assortments can be made for our customers

Fast and effective process planning

Direct delivery to shop floor

HC Organize Textile

HC Organize Textile manufactures huge variety of apparel products in its facility of 8000 m2; which has 7600 m2 closed facility. HC Organize has approximately 240 employees. The daily production capacity is 6000 pcs ready-to-wear products. HC Organize is able to do cutting, sewing, ironing , packaging and QC in its plant. The factory has aimed to be one of the leading companies in Turkey with its current and future investments. Always in your life…


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